Kimberly Campanaro of Bowerbird Garden creates unique planted designs by combining repurposed or upcycled objects with artfully arranged and carefully selected succulents, tropicals, perennials and annuals.  

Her approach focuses on finding antique, vintage, or industrial pieces that can be given new life as a home for beautiful plant designs to bring the right mix of style and green to your indoor or outdoor space.  

Her work has been on display recently at West Elm in Center City, Philadelphia, which served as a recent venue for one of Kim's popular terrarium-building workshops.  The Baker's Jar in Philadelphia has also played host to her workshops, adding the enjoyment of wine and delicious baked goods to an evening of creativity and hands-on terrarium building.  

Bowerbird Garden also sources and creates custom-designed orders for all events and special occasions. 

What is a Bowerbird?

Bowerbirds are natural foragers. They are renowned for their courtship behaviors; collecting sticks and brightly colored objects in arrangements to attract potential mates. Some say they use "interior decoration" to attract their mates, using colors such as blue, white (in hollowed out shells), red (in collected berries), and more to create alluring fields of color. 

Bowerbird, the ultimate forager, relates to Kim's practice in that she plants in found objects: vintage iron vents, vintage cheese boxes and baking pans, and upcycled drain pipes she finds at flea markets, estate sales, and where no one else is looking.